Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"About Me"

Well to be honest, I am just like the rest of the human race, I have faultered, swayed, neglected and been in sin when I knew better.  Am I sorry for these times?  Most definitely.  Will I ever be there again?  I sure hope not and if I am, it will be because I have not followed the Lord like I should and neglected efforts to grow Spiritualy and becoming a better Christian on a daily basis.

I have been in the Christian way for a very long Father was a minister and deacon of the Church.  I was raised to believe that Jesus died on the cross of Calvery for my sins and my sins would be forgiven by Him, if I would seek forgiveness.  I believe that God is merciful and loves us even though we are sinners because He died for the sinner, not the saint anyway.  I try to be honest, trustworthy and a true friend.  I know that life can be hard, more for some than others.  I realize that sometimes bad things happen to good people and yes, I wonder why them.  I believe that God has a plan for our life; I believe that He has to draw us to Him before we realize we need Him.  I know that He does not purnish us, we are sometimes purnished for our deeds that we brought upon ourselves.

I am a believer that there is a reason and a season for everything.  God makes no mistakes.  I believe that if He brings to you it, He will lead you through it.  I know that sometimes He allows us to suffer so that we will be more understanding of other people's suffering.  If we never had a problem, we would not be able to help someone else.  I believe that when you are down to nothing; God is up to something.  I know that God does not bring us pain but He is there to heal it, if we seek Him. 

I believe that God will heal the sick, we only have to ask Him for the healing and remember that everything is not in His will.  I believe that life is full of ups and downs for everyone and no one is immune to sorrow at some time or the other.  I know that money does not bring happiness or make an individual better than someone else.  I know that we all have to work for what we have and in turn give thanks for everything, no matter how little because there may be others who have less.  I believe that God has Angels because I have seen then, no they did not have wings.  I believe that it is our duty to help others, even when we have nothing
...because until you give, when you have nothing to give, you have never really given.

My life is just like yours, probably. I struggle to be a better person, help someone along the way and when I have finished my life, I hope someone will remember something good.

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